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Bruce has been painting murals on public buildings in New Zealand and England since 2005.

You can see some photos of some of his murals/street art below and in the GALLERY. 

Murals are a good  way to decorate your house or brand your business as well as  detering tagging (graffiti).

If you would like a quote for a mural (or a sign) please send me an email at - or ring me on

+64 -021 0329 906.


'Deep Sea Foodchain' - Vivien Street - Wellington - 2005

"Bruce is an incredibly experienced mural artist who knows the process, from preparing a site to graffiti guarding a wall.

 He's reliable, works swiftly and is a super-friendly guy to boot."

Katie Taylor-Duke - Arts Programmes Advisor - Wellington City Council


 Unenuku's Wall - Buckle Street - Wellington - 2006



John Street Countdown Mural' (with 1920's theme) - Wellington -  August 2011.


'Zoo Bus-stop Mural' - Wellington -  February 2012

  "Bruce is a great man to work with – not just as an artist with ideas that he can execute very well, but is practical and has an understanding

 of what clients and other key personnel need to make a project work.  He responds well to changes in circumstances (we moved the original 

location to this wall which was a big improvement) and he puts a lot of effort into the end result.  His execution is of top quality and 

you will get an original, thought provoking and considered piece of art as a result."

John Burton - Urban Space Management -Trinity Buoy Wharf - London - England



Electric Soup' -Trinity Buoy Wharf -  London -  April 2012(Zip Car advertisement)



  'Kakapo Kids Childcare Centre' - Wellington - 2012


  'Kakapo Kids Childcare Centre' - Wellington -  March 2012

"Thanks to Wellington artist Bruce Mahalski, the wall murals at Kakapo Kids Early Childhood Centre have

 become a Te Aro landmark. Once Bruce received the brief he transformed our concept designs into

 realistic and natural looking forest scenes.  Bruce was a pleasure to work with, and we highly recommend 

his talent and professionalism. In addition to providing amazing inner-city natural landscapes, the murals

 are acting as a deterrent to the ongoing tagging that is occurring all around us."

Jan Tromp - Centre Manager


A series of panels for Countdown Supermarket in Newtown in Wellington - December 2012

"Now that all the rush is slowing down I just wanted to congratulate you on such a fantastic job on the art work, I drove down the road the other night and looked and I was blown away it really looks outstanding, well done. Look forward to working with you again."

Kind regards - Cameron - Newtown Countdown Manager - Wellington.

 'Save the Plankton' - Owhiro Bay in Wellington 2016

'The Revenge of the Ocean' - Dunedin - 2016

Detail of 'Moa Wall with Richard Owen and Hasst's Eagle - Whangarei - 2016



                                                                                     Photos by Bruce Mahalski except -

'Deep-Sea Food-chain' - Pieter Pietersee

'Electric Soup' - Garry Hunter

"Kakapo Kids Mural' - James Gilberd