Commercial Art, Murals and Illustration by Bruce Mahalski

Since 2005 Bruce has produced murals and street art in New Zealand between Dunedin in the south and Whangarei in the north with a particularly large number of his works in Wellington. He has also painted murals  in number of cities in Great Britain. Many have been commissioned by property companies and City Councils but he is always happy to accept private painting work. Bruce tries to make sure that where possible the mural reflects the local history of the area and compliments the building on which it is placed. He is particularly keen on depicting animals but can turn his hand to most subjects. Bruce has also worked extensively with the Wellington City Council and Phantom Bill Stickers to create opportunities for both local and international mural/street artists to work in New Zealand. 

As well as murals Bruce also does illustration work and  licenses his existing library of images of New Zealand animals etc for a wide range of applications. He is also a contemporary artist and the director of The Dunedin Museum of Natural Mystery. 

If you would like to discuss getting some work done or using an image you can email him for terms and a quote  at - [email protected].